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Back Painted Glass

Bear Glass inc. Is a full glass fabricator specializing in high quality Colored - Back Painted Glass (Backsplash) for residential, commercial, applications. If you are looking to use back painted backsplash glass in your project, Bear Glass provides an easy and convenient solution. We have unlimited colors available and will match any paint manufacture color for your back painted glass needs. We only use the highest quality glass back paint to create our products.



Back painted glass (Backsplash) is any form of clear glass that is painted from the back side and viewed from the front side, or glaze side. Back painted glass is widely used for architectural spandrelglass, colored glass walls, colored glass back splashes, back painted glass counter tops, artistic glass, marine glass, aero space glass, and more. Back painted glass (Backsplash)  is a modern alternative to tiles and laminates in the worlds decorative and architectural industries.

Bear Glass well known as an industry standerd – specializing in high quality back painted glass!

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